Spring Blog 2015

Dundalk Bay

It is a beautiful bright frosty morning in early March.  I have just returned from a walk up the mountain road beside my home in Ravensdale near Dundalk.  Over the past year, I had avoided walking this road because I thought it was too steep for my fitness level!  But this morning I was drawn to walk this road and so I began the journey.  I walked this road step by step stopping when I needed to and before I knew it I was at the mounting gate wondering what all my fear of not being fit enough was about!  I sat on a stone that had often held me before; the view over Dundalk Bay was spectacular.  I sat on this stone and made my prayers, as I did many times before for all within me that needed healing.  It was such a beautiful and enriching experience and I bounced all the way back down the mountain road the same one that fear had kept me from walking for over a year.  I was filled with a new vitality that comes from visiting these simple sacred places, where so much healing to be found.  The weather here is still cold and a bit wintery, however daylight time is growing each day and the birds are singing their heart out so we can trust that true spring time is on its way!!!

The 2015 Brigid of Faughart Festival, which took place from Jan 28th till Feb 1st in Dundalk, Faughart and Ravensdale, Co. Louth was a wonderful success;  it seems to me that Brigid’s energy and presence is rising everywhere.  We trust that her presence will continue to green the heart, mind and souls of all who encounter her energy.

In the past few weeks, I began a new project that aims to bring the wisdom, values and qualities of Brigid back more fully into the world  in ways that will be accessible to many different people.  In this way her influence will be experienced more fully in the daily life of us, ordinary and extraordinary people, so that we can become agents for the transformation of consciousness on the planet at this time.

This year the Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage has joined the Nation Pilgrim Path Association and will host a pilgrimage on Saturday April 4th as part of the National Pilgrimage Day.  All details of this event are posted on www.brigidsway.ie

The third Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage will take place from June 27th till July 5th 2015.  The pilgrimage begins at Faughart, Co. Louth and finishes in Brigid’s monastic city Kildare.  Details of participation for all or some of the pilgrimage is posted on www.brigidsway.ie

In June 2015, I will facilitate a pilgrimage in Glencolmcille and the surrounding area to coincide with the annual St. Colmcille Pilgrimage on June 9th.

Details of this event will be posted on my website in a few weeks time.

I will also be leading a pilgrimage to the sacred island of Iona, Scotland towards the end of September 2015.  All details of this pilgrimage will be posted on my website in a few weeks.  So I wish you the blessings of Spring time, new beginnings, of resurrection and of new abundant life.

Le gar agus beannachtai