Recent, current and upcoming events

Upcoming Events

⬙ June

– 2nd June – Bardic Summer school Bard Mythologies

– 14th June – Dolores Speaker on Mari Kenney’s Celtic Wheel (Closed event)

– 20th June – Dolores will be speaking at Sovereignty Convergence summer solstice gathering on the Hill of Tara

– Dolores is currently planning a series of talks and workshops. Details will be posted in a few weeks time.

Dolores will also create her own webinars in the coming weeks.

She plans to offer several webinars on different aspects of the Celtic tradition including the festivals and seasons of the Celtic Year and the rituals associated with these festivals more details to follow

As soon a s the Covid restrictions permit she will be offering a range of courses in person including Reiki Healing training and pilgrimages to sacred places in Ireland.

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Since March 2020 Dolores together with her colleagues Maura, Stephanie and May have sent out packages of information to people so that they can create their own celebrations for the different festivals of the Celtic year at home and with family and friends.

Many people in the Reiki community send Absent healing Reiki each Monday from 8 pm till 8.30pm to anyone who wish to join and receive healing.

Dolores Events January 2021 till June 2021

⬙ January

– Dolores speaks on the Leap of faith Programme on RTE Radio 1

⬙ February

– Dolores curated virtual event filmed at Faughart Co Louth to celebrate Le Fheile Bhride hosted by the Brigid of Faughart Festival and An Tain Arts Centre Dundalk

– Dolores speaker at the Brigid Festival in Vancouver Canada

– Dolores featured on Mythical Ireland conversation with Anthony Murphy

⬙ March

– Webinar as part of Mari Kennedy’s Celtic Wheel programme (Closed event)

⬙ May

– Dolores is guest speaker on Anam Cara Group Edinburgh Scotland

Dolores Events March 2020 till December 2020

Dolores like everyone else had to adjust their work and life plans when COVD arrived in March 2020

⬙ March 2020

– Interview with Mari Kennedy Celtic Wheel

⬙ September 2020

– Mari Kennedy and Dolores Whelan, The Gifts of the Celtic tradition

⬙ October 2020

– Presentation on Women Spirit Ireland Samhain celebration

⬙ November 2020

– Dolores Whelan and Mari Kennedy presentation on the Trailblazery Hedge School

– Dolores is a featured speaker on Eimear Stassins programmer Healing the witch wound

⬙ Dec 2020

– Dolores featured the Sovergenity Convergence programme

– Dolores is a guest speaker on Mari Kennedy’s The Wheel of the Year programme (Closed event)

– Dolores speaks on the RTE Radio One programme darkness into light