In 1986, Dolores founded the “Iomlánú Centre for Healing and Creative Living” in one room in her home in Dundalk. The word Iomlánú is derived from the Irish word “Iomlán which means “to be whole”. Her work focused on enabling people to find the place of wholeness within and to live from more that place of inner wholeness.

The Iomlánú centre offered an inspiring array of courses, therapies, weekly meditation and many seasonal events until its closure in 1997. The ripples of the work begun there by many gifted facilitators and seekers continued to have their effect right up to the present day. Courses offered in Iomlánú focused on expanding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of humans.

The Iomlánú Centre became a beacon of light during the 1980’s and 1990’s and attracted many wonderful teachers and seekers. It grew, developed, matured and then finally closed down in 1997.

The essence of that time is captured in the following poem by one of the seekers:

The Upper Room

We saw the light in the upper room

Like a beacon in the night​

 We came as we were with our bruises and cares

Yet knew it would be alright

A candle was lit in the upper room

A flame that will always grow

For each carries a spark from the upper room

To strike fire wherever we go


 – Tom Flanagan, Dec 1986

The essence of the Iomlánú Centre remained alive in the many people whose lives were transformed by being a part of the creative and healing work that unfolded there.

In retrospect, it appears that the function of the Iomlánú Centre for Healing and Creative was to sow seeds, and to create a supportive environment for the growth of those seeds. With the closing of the Iomlánú Centre, it was important for our team to trust that some of the seeds would blossom and come to fruition. At a later time, those fruits would become the seeds of the next phase of evolution of consciousness. Reflecting on the changes in all aspects of life in the past few decades how life has changed it seems that the Iomlánú Centre fulfilled its mission

Iomlánú Education

In 2009 Dolores reclaimed the name “Iomlánú Education”  Education in the pursuit of wisdom and wholeness as a brand for work she wished to bring into the world.

 Iomlánú Education continues to offer people opportunities to explore their own inner nature, their emotional health and their beliefs about the reality of life on the planet. Engaging in these processes, offers people skills that support the process of self-reflection and empowers people to make new and radical choices in their lives. The power experienced when one makes conscious choices and takes responsibility for what they create in their lives leads to personal liberation and empowerment.

Iomlánú Education has always encouraged people to ask deeper questions, and offers ideas, practices, and guidance which allow people to find the answers within themselves.

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Over the years Dolores has integrated many different disciplines to create her own unique approach to the work of personal, societal and spiritual evolution. She passionately believes in the hidden potential present in every individual and through her work supports the evocation of this possibility.

The core intention of Iomlánú education has always been the awakening of full human potential and the transform of human perception and so act as a catalyst in the evolution of consciousness. Iomlanu Education encourages people to reflect on and question the dominant narrative of our current society and to risk being on the edge of the comfort zone of the crowd and perhaps find amazing potential within the discomfort there.

The recovery of the wisdom held within the Celtic and pre- Celtic spiritual traditions has been a central focus of Dolores’s Life and work since she discover its existence in 1989.

Her interest in the importance of recovering the wisdom held within the Celtic Year calendar  with its  distinct  festivals and  seasons  was the catalyst that led Dolores and her friends to host ritual  gatherings celebrating the Celtic festivals four times a year at her home An Cúige, Ravensdale, Dundalk.

These community celebrations have grown not only in their size but also in the depth of connection that has been nourished among seekers over the past 12 years.

Dolores contributes to discussions on Celtic spirituality on television, radio and Webinars. She is a regular speaker at events celebrating Irish and Celtic culture at conferences around the world.


Now 25 years after the closing of the Iomlanu Centre, Dolores continues the work of Iomlánú Education as a spiritual guide and way-shower from her home in Ravensdale, County Louth. She facilitates a variety of workshops and courses in the area of personal, societal and spiritual transformation.


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“Learn to love the questions themselves, do not seek the answers which you might not be able to live and the secret is to live everything so learn to love the questions  and one day without knowing it you may live along into the answers”