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The Celtic Spiritual Tradition is a way of perceiving the world, and a way of being in the world. This world can be explored through the Celtic Spirituality courses that Dolores offers locally and on request from organisations or groups.

Brigid Goddess and Celtic Christian Saint

The exclusion of the Feminine energy in our naming and understanding of the Divine is reflected in a corresponding absence and valuing of feminine energy in all aspects of life in western society. The devaluing and exclusion of the feminine energy over the past centuries has created a distorted story about life which has resulted in a world whose shape and vibration creates disharmony.

There are many goddesses within Celtic mythology, however Brigid as both goddess and saint, occupies a central place as representative of the Divine Feminine within Celtic tradition. Reconnecting with and remembering the archetypal energy of Brigid, in both her Goddess and saint manifestations, is an essential task of this renaissance within the Celtic Spiritual tradition.

There are three different, but related manifestations of Brigid as the Divine Feminine, (the maiden, the mother, and the cailleach, which together create a divine feminine trinity. 

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Each aspect of this trinity occupies a different role within the life, death, and rebirth continuum.

Although Brigid is more often associated with the maiden and mother aspects of feminine energy, the cailleach energy of Brigid needs to be embraced at this time

The cailleach aspect of Brigid is the tough mother love that challenges its children to stop acting in destructive ways. This is the energy that brings death to dreams and fantasies that are not aligned with our highest good. This cailleach energy supports emergence of the highest and deepest within each of us. This, I believe, is the wellspring from which Brigid’s power to manifest emerged She knows how to hold us safely there.

Dolores has explored Brigid in her many manifestations. Many of the qualities embodied within the figure of Brigid set her apart as a women of power, creativity, compassion and innovation. Those qualities for which she was renowned are both relevant and much needed at this time on planet earth. They are to be found in both men and women, awaiting a new expression. Brigid demonstrated how to embody positive masculine qualities in a healthy and integrated way. Today we need to embody these potent qualities of Brigid, so that we may complete the manifestations of our collective desires and dreams for a more evolved society.

Dolores offers courses which explore different aspects of Brigid including:

  • Embodying the archetypal energy of Brigid
  • Brigid Cailleach and midwife of a new world
  • Brigid Inspiration for a new society
  • Brigid Woman of Vision Vocation and Destiny

If you are seeking deeper understanding of the ancient and contemporary gifts of the Celtic Calendar of Seasonal Festivals, if you are drawn to the Sacred Feminine in her threefold presence as maiden, mother, crone, if you’re seeking to know Brigid as an Archetype of the Sacred Feminine, both as ancient Goddess and Christian Saint, you are seeking for Dolores Whelan. Through her book Ever Ancient, Ever New as well as through her presentations in workshops and on ZOOM, and above all through her embodiment of the qualities of Brigid, Dolores has been and remains the best guide into the meaning and necessity of Celtic Spirituality for our time, in its threefold honoring of the earth, the body and the feminine.

Anne Kathleen Mc Loughlin

Author and spiritual teacher, Ottawa Canada

A Holy Embrace of Spirit and Nature

A central (core) belief within the all aspects of the Celtic and pre-Celtic spiritual tradition’ is that there are many different dimensions within the world/universe. In this tradition the universe is understood as a connected whole, where the spiritual mythical and physical dimensions flows into each other. In this world view there is no real separation between the physical and spiritual worlds.

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The Divine is perceived as being present within every atom in the created world. This presence can be experienced by anyone who looks into the world with the eyes of the heart and awakens that person to the immance of the Divine within the natural world. This new awareness can radically change how a person engages with the living earth. As each of us awakens to this reality, we realise that the Divine presence imbues all life and so our whole attitude to life changes.

This course will introduce participants to the central beliefs within the cosmology from which the Celtic Spiritual tradition flows.

This course will focus on the immance of God that is the presence of the Divine within the natural world.

And will explore how opening up to this awareness actually allows us to experience the Divine presence. As we awaken to this reality and realise that the Divine presence imbues all life our whole attitude to life changes.

The creative wisdom of all things has established marvelous and ineffable harmonies by which all things come together in a concord of friendship or peace or love or however else the union of all, things can be designed.

John Scotus Erigena, 9th  century philosopher

Dolores Whelan through her work within the Celtic and pre Celtic traditions has brought many people into contact with the deep spiritual values of the earlier inhabitants of Ireland who lived in close contact with the natural world  in all its many manifestations and the culture that developed from this connection in their lives. Dolores believes that the Celtic way of living can be of major value to the lives of people living now.

Over many years she has shared the ancient mystery of our Celtic Goddesses, the spirituality of our ancestors and the wisdom of the Celtic way of living on the planet. She shared the tools and rituals that helped many of us to transform our way of being to a happier and contented life.

Her teaching and were always done with much fun and joy. She is a great spiritual guide and friend.

Maura Lennon


Dolores holds a time portal window, through which we can look back to ancient ways and through that reflection, look to both the present and the future.

Dolores talks of the learning from the inherent rhythm and patterns of nature and human nature.

This helps make sense of the world we live in today and reimagine a future for global and personal harmony      



Dolores has a seemingly inexhaustible well of knowledge of Celtic Spirituality which she shares very simply and generously.

She presents information in easy to understand way.

Mary Ann Gosling


An Introduction to the Wisdom of the Celtic Calendar

Celtic Spiritual tradition is linked with the sun, the moon and the seasons of the year. The Celtic year begins in November (Samhain) and travels through eight seasons back again to Samhain. Much of the core wisdom of the Celtic and pre-Celtic spiritual tradition is held within this yearly calendar with its eight festivals which mark the important transitions times of the year. The Celtic year calendar is both an internal and external reality.

An Introduction to Pilgrimages

“A traveller passes through a place: a pilgrim allows the place to pass through them”.

Pilgrimage is an important aspect of many spiritual traditions and paths ….one that is currently experiencing   a revival   in our post religious world. Pilgrimage has always played an important role in the Celtic Spiritual path .Within this tradition to become a pilgrim is to open up a suil eile (another eye) through which to see and experience the world.

Pilgrimage is an essential aspect of many reflective lifestyles and spiritual traditions.

Even a short pilgrimage can be a wonderfully liberating experience.

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To become a pilgrim is to step outside the normal way of being and of experiencing the world whether this is for an hour, a day, a week or a month. Walking in pilgrimage offers a person an opportunity to experience the natural world in a different way. It can facilitate a deeper experience of the person and the landscape in which they are travelling While on pilgrimage a person is encouraged to listen intensely using all their  senses and  faculties, creating  an opportunity for a deeper reconnection with their soul .To be fully present while  on pilgrimage, a person must  become quiet inside, allow  their attention  , move  away from the noise that is a constant companion in daily life  and listen to their own inner voice and  to the wonderful sounds of the  many non-human inhabitants natural  world.  To be in the present moment and to enjoy each step  you take is  a  great  gift of pilgrimage  part of the purpose of pilgrimage . Ireland is a place where beneath its modern facade, lays a deeply rooted connection through the earth, the world of nature and its cycles with the spiritual world. Celtic and Celto-megalithic traditions and beliefs are expressed spiritually throughout the land. Hills, lakes, stone circle, dolmens, court cairns and other megalithic structures mark the Anima Loci or place of soul throughout the landscape/ country. When these sacred places, with their differing qualities, personalities and energies are acknowledged and honoured by us, they come more fully into being. Both pilgrims and the places are enhanced by this experience.

“The footprints of an elder race are here and memories of an old heroic time; and shadows of an old mysterious faith. So that the place seems haunted and strange sounds in the float in the wind”

Anon From the book of the Burren Ed JW O Connell and A Korrff

Dolores facilitated the experiential visits to sacred sites when I brought a group  of women on retreat to Ireland in 2018.

Dolores brings, not only a wealth of knowledge about the sites – historically and spiritually, but she is an incredibly gifted facilitator of sacred ritual and ceremonies.

Dolores is a genuine, warm, generous facilitator. Her calming presence is a balm to the soul.

Every retreat I plan in Ireland, I want Dolores to be our companion to the sacred sites.

Ann Hoffman

Founder/CEO of Wayfinding Women

I met Dolores as she passed through Slane on her epic St. Brigids pilgrimages I warmed to her humility and feminine power that radiated equanimity. She embodies a depth of wisdom that echo’s our ancient past and is a true elder of Eiru.

In our current  times and shift in consciousness, people like Dolores remind us of the nature spirit laws which restore balance and health to the land and its creatures.

Enda Donnellan

Conscious Concerts

Dolores Whelan led our groups to lovely ancient sites in Ireland.

Dolores is a woman with a great passion for bringing into the present, the wisdom and teachings from Ireland’s spiritual seekers of ages past.

She is a gifted teacher, her understanding of ancient sacred Ireland runs deep, and she has a natural way of imparting this Celtic wisdom to others with passion, reverence, and sincerity.

We are very happy to have had Dolores with us as our guide to Ireland’s ancestral sacred places.     

Denise & Gerry Dignan

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