☾✩☽ Moon Medicine – A virtual gathering for wild women in 2022 ☾✩☽

Thursday, 10th March 2022


The Trailblazery presents Moon Medicine – a monthly gathering for women to coincide with the Full Moon cycle of 2022. As we navigate global uncertainty, we host a series of curated online experiences for women who need inspiration, encouragement and connection in the times ahead.

On Monday March 14 at 7pm Irish time, The Trailblazery presents “The Rites of Spring”, featuring featuring Dolores Whelan, Laura Murphy and Roo Elizabeth.

Together we will explore the undercurrents of Lá Fhéile Pádraig, from snakes and shamrocks to shillelaghs and other shenanigans and the displacement of the feminine along the way.

We will be nodding to the Triple Goddess Maiden, Mother and Crone, in the form Dolores Whelan author, spiritual guide, healer, way-shower, Laura Murphy, poet and activist and Roo Elizabeth, singer songwriter.

At Moon Medicine, Dolores will share herstory as a rising voice in the world of Celtic spirituality, who has given us a potent understanding of the value of ancient wisdom and the waning traditions of indigenous Ireland.

Hosted by Kathy Scott, Founder of The Trailblazery, this very special online event will also feature poet Laura Murphy and music by Berlin-based singer songwriter Roo Elizabeth.

If you can’t attend the call live, it will be recorded and the replay will be sent to you by email within 24 hours.

Kathy Scott, Founder and Creative Director of The Trailblazery shares:

“I am completely ‘over the moon’ to welcome these three goddesses  to our circle. Dolores is the carrier of the flame of Celtic Spirituality in Ireland and has influenced and encouraged so many of us along the way. She is an unstoppable force of inspiration, mysticism and wisdom. Laura Murphy has been gifting us with ‘imbas forosnai’ in the form of potent poetry, healing and activism. Roo Elizabeth is one of our own and has been an integral part of our family at The Trailblazery – this is her swan song – for now, as we wish her all the best with her musical passions and endeavors.

Beautifully aligned with our mission at Moon Medicine, Dolores, Laura and Roo Elizabeth are women supporting women. I am honoured and overjoyed to host these inspirational sisters at our Moon Medicine special for St.Patricks Day. I hope you can join us”.

About Dolories Whelan

In her work as an educator and spiritual guide for the past 30 years, Dolores Whelan  has drawn on wisdom and  insights from many spiritual traditions. She understands how important it is for us humans to recover lost wisdom in order that we can evolve towards more wholeness. At the heart of all her teachings is the recovery of the wisdom within the spiritual and mythological traditions of Ireland.   She is passionate about the celebration of ancient Celtic traditions, especially the seasonal rituals. She is author of ‘Ever Ancient, Ever New – Celtic Spirituality for the 21st Century’. 

web ☞ Home – Dolores Whelan

social ☞  @celticspirituality

About Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy is a poet, activist, healer and communications strategist. Her recent work includes advocacy for Mother and Baby Homes survivors and the campaign to make Brigid’s Day a national holiday. Her work is centred around ‘Imbas Forosnai’, a practice used by the ancient poets of Ireland to bring healing to society and truth to power. She is Herstory’s inaugural Poet in Residence.

web ☞ Homepage | The Way Home

social ☞  @everose

About Roo Elizabeth

Roo Elizabeth is an Irish artist, songwriter and producer based in Berlin. Her music is an exploration of melodic hooks and emotive expression. She is hugely inspired by the melancholy of 90’s soft rock and the freedom of modern technical production. She connects to her roots in Éire by writing music inspired by Irish folk and lore. Her first single ‘My Everything Great’ is soon to be released.

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About Moon Medicine

Moon Medicine was initiated by The Trailblazery {Hedge School, Census of the Heart, We Need to Talk About Ireland, Rites of Passage} in 2018 in the light of Repeal and the rising momentum of women worldwide speaking out, stepping up and reclaiming their power. Our mission is to help women to remember, embody and reclaim their authentic powerful selves so that together we can rise and lift each other up along the way. In 2019 the Moon Medicine Global Academy was launched – a year-long online training programme for women which expanded our Moon Medicine circle to include women all over the world.

Our live Moon Medicine gatherings weave together a range of feminine teachings blending ancient wisdom with cutting edge developments in the fields of epigenetics, quantum physics and neuroscience. We explore the gifts of the lunar cycle as a map of empowerment for women’s wellbeing. We draw from a deep well to find practices and resources that support women’s self care and the care of this place we call home. To find out more visit TheTrailblazery.com


Special Rate €25 : drop-in rate per gathering

Free Spots : we have a limited number of free places for anyone who needs them right now.

You will be sent your zoom link on booking your spot for the gathering. Please keep it safe as you will need it to join the event.


About Kat Scott (Event Organiser)

Yogi, Curator, Creative Entrepreneur and Cultural Acupuncturist; I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years. I have trained as a teacher in the Kundalini, Sivananda & Anusara yoga methods and am committed to continually developing my practice and teaching. I am deeply influenced by the teachings of Elena Brower, Rod Stryker, Paramatma Siri Sadhana, Michaela Boehm, Thomas Hübl, Tara Brach and many more luminaries on and off the mat. I recently designed Rising Feminine Medicine – an ongoing alchemical practice inviting women to free their mind, open their heart, come home to their body and reclaim their wild feminine nature. I am currently participating on an ongoing tantric training with Michaela Boehm called The Wild Woman’s Way.

I am the curator and founder of many creative projects and enterprises in Ireland including The Trailblazery, the ireland : iceland project, The Wonderlust Stage at Body & Soul. I am currently creative-in-residence at Trinity College Dublin. I support creative entrepreneurs to clarify, strategize and share their unique vision with the world by offering a professional mentoring programme that activates and elevates their trailblazing enterprise. I recently trained with Thomas Hübl as part of The Pocket Project – a global movement dedicated to deepening our understanding of collective and intergenerational trauma.

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