Essence of Celtic spiritual Traditions

Dolores Whelan Portrait

Over 30 years as an Educator and Spiritual Guide

Author, teacher, spiritual guide, healer, way-shower and pioneer; Dolores Whelan has blazed a trail in her lifetime to provide a potent understanding of the value of ancient wisdom and ignite appreciation for Celtic spirituality and the waning traditions of indigenous Ireland. Bridging worlds ancient and new, she has forged new paths and opened old ways.   

The Celtic Spiritual Tradition is a way of perceiving the world, and a way of being in the world.

Dolores believes that the deep truths held within the soul and psyche of  Ireland are now ready to re-emerge. Her work endeavours to support this awakening, both within the land and the people. Dolores is not nostalgic about ancient times and traditions; however she seeks to explore how this ancient wisdom can form the basis of a value system upon which a new society can be built she believes this is a crucial task for our time.

Dolores was blessed to meet Celtic scholar Fr Sean O’Duinn Glenstal Abbey in 1989.

He was a wonderful teacher who embodied the wisdom of the the Celtic and preCeltic spiritual traditions. He mentored Dolores teaching her from the depths of the ancient traditions of Ireland.

Gifts from early traditions

Dolores believes that awakening and recovering of the following gifts from our earlier traditions

Nature of reality

Understanding the unbroken wholeness of the universe so there is no real separation between the spiritual and secular worlds.

That a continuum exists from the physical world through many non-physical, yet real world, to the ultimate Mystery.


Their understanding of the role of myth in underpinning the reality of our lives.
Their gift of story and of the oral tradition.

The Immance & intimacy of God

 Their capacity to find and see the presence of God or the Divine within every living being.

Their practise of consciously invoking God’s support and protection  for every moment of our lives.


Honouring the ancient spirit of time

Understanding of different experiences of time, both linear and cyclical as expressed within the Celtic Year calendar

Earth as home and mother

 The need to recovering an  understanding of the earth as a living, sentient, inherently sacred being.

Developing the ability to be fully present in the natural world, and so experience the mystery of the universe in each place  where we are located.


Remembering the importance of living in right relationship with ourselves, with each other, with the natural world, and the divine order present in the world

The Spiritual Tradition

The Celtic spiritual tradition embodies what has become known as Celtic consciousness, or Celto-megalithic consciousness, as it unfolded within Ireland over the millennia, in a conceptual rather than chronological way. One way of accessing the wisdom held there is to gather the aspects of this tradition that are still present within our psyche and waiting to be drawn out and remembered. These characteristics and gifts from an earlier time that sustained our ancestors and created a balanced society must now be  recovered in ways that are appropriate to our present society.

Dolores also facilitates

the following courses

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a form of energy healing which originated within the Buddhist tradition. Reiki Healing is a simple hands on healing practice by which a person when initiated into the system can channel healing energy to themselves or to other people Dolores offers training into first second and third degree Reiki Healing.

Celtic Spirituality     

At its core everything and every being is connected with spirit.

A significant part our earth journey is to reconnect with that spiritual essence and to live from that place.

“We are spiritual beings having  an human  experience, not human being having a spiritual experience “  Teilhard De Chardin.

Personal and Social Transformation

As living beings we are in always in transition.

How we transform and evolve depends on the beliefs we hold a which in turn influences the decisions we make.

These courses offer us insights and skills  which allow us to make life affirming decisions.